What is Talent Optimization?

Talent Optimization is an approach to aligning an organization’s business objectives with its talent strategy. Talent optimization uses data and analytics to make sure that a business leader's path to success is informed and purposeful. It can be used to help define job requirements, identify ideal candidates for open positions, align teams to accomplish business goals, and effectively inspire employees for optimal results.

We believe that if we can support our clients to grow through optimizing their talent, we will grow with them.  For this reason, many of our support programs are free.

For all clients, we offer free:

  • Free Onboarding for new Predictive Index key users
  • Periodic account reviews
  • An Annual Talent Development Strategy meeting
  • A monthly client newsletter with Predictive index and other timely people management-related news and “how to’s”.

PI Behavioral Assessment

For example, come to understand your natural style and how you adapt your behaviors for the workplace. If it’s been a while since you took a behavioral instrument or you can’t remember your profile, try the PI Behavioral Assessment for free.

What does it take to build a Dream Team?

One of the outcomes from a Talent Optimization approach to leadership is the building of Dream Teams. You are invited to view this short video:

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