How We Work With You

How We Work

We pride ourselves as being extremely good listeners.  This is the foundation of any mutually successful relationship.  Therefore, every engagement begins with a discovery session.  To serve you best, we need to have a preliminary understanding of your business, your challenges, and any other people-related matters that keep you up at night.  In other words, together, we will define the matters of consequence which, in turn, define the scope of any engagement.

What should you expect in an initial discovery discussion?

Discussion points will typically include:

Your BusinessYour CultureYour Human Resource Practices
What are your most pressing business challenges?What does a successful employee look like in your company?Tell me about your human resource practices?  How do you position your company in the labor market?
Are business results meeting your expectations?  If not, why not?  Help me understand your culture. What behaviors are “valued”? Are certain behaviors frowned upon? Are you happy with the performance of your human resources team?  If not, why not?  What works/what doesn’t?
What are the factors that contribute to success or disappointment?Which is more important – results or how the results are achieved?What is your experience in retaining valued employees?
What are your processes (if any) when an employee is not meeting your expectations?

Depending on your time and some of the answers we discover together, the conversation will drill down as appropriate.  The objective of this discussion is to initially define a set of root cause issue(s).

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