How Do I: Launch a New Project?

This is the latest in my “How Do I” series of blogs. Readers are encouraged to provide feedback and suggest additional topics for this series.  See my contact information at the end of this post. =================================================================================== Recently, a former colleague reached out to talk about how to handle a new assignment.  He has never ledContinue reading “How Do I: Launch a New Project?”

Strategic HR is Not Only Organizational Structure

Introduction: Our previous post in this series promised to explore some common pitfalls we have observed that undermine the delivery of effective HR solutions. This post is intended to set the stage for subsequent blog entries that will delve into individual Centers of Excellence and how they and HR Business Partners interact.  Those posts willContinue reading “Strategic HR is Not Only Organizational Structure”

What Does it Really Mean to be a Strategic HR Business Partner?

Our introductory article laid out the foundation of today’s HR Business Partner role. In this post, we begin to identify and explain the critical capabilities an HR Business Partner needs in order to excel at the job.

The Human Resources Business Partner Revolution: Mirage or Unfinished Business?

As two long-time HR practitioners, we have spent a great deal of time reflecting on HR’s role in not only supporting an organization or a business, but its role in adding significant value as measured by business metrics.    This is the lens through which we are writing and sharing this series of blog posts.  InContinue reading “The Human Resources Business Partner Revolution: Mirage or Unfinished Business?”